50 Ways to Motivate Yourself

50 ways to motivate yourself

There are several ways that can be helpful in motivating one’s own-self. Motivation increases a person’s energy level and his enthusiasm to carry out the tasks effectively. Everyone has motivators to attain success and to avoid pain. A well known American writer and philosopher of transcendentalism Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) said: “Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your object. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

There are several motivational tactics that can help in hovering of the motivational level of a person; these include the following:-

1. Goal setting

Create a goal for yourself. By setting a goal it helps in developing a framework in which to work, for achievement of a desired target.  This can be motivating as the person is well aware of the results he wants to achieve and can plan his actions accordingly.

2. Design a strategy

A strategy is a detailed plan of how to achieve your set goal. By designing a strategy one can plan what methods he can use to achieve the desired outcome. Once we set the goal to be achieved planning of work is path to self motivation. Planning of work by devising a plan for execution will save time as well as energy and will help in motivating an individual as he will be able to achieve his targets in time.

3. Tell someone else

When you plan to achieve something, do share your thoughts with others especially with people whom you respect because by sharing your plan with others you are actually acknowledging it, committing your-self for its achievement. Due to sharing of your thoughts you get others indirectly involved in advancement of yourself for the achievement of the desired goal. You increase their expectations they hold from you; and due to their increased expectations you have greater burden on your shoulders, this will help keep you focused on your task thus leads to higher motivational level.

4. Remove all other options

When you decide to achieve something then try to concentrate fully on its achievement. Remove all the other substitute options on your mind. This will help in enhancement of your concentration on the particular task plus it will boost your motivational level. Full concentration on your work will make you more productive as you will be able to make lesser mistakes.

5. Accustom your mind

Accustom means to familiarize by constant practice, or to habituate. By conditioning your mind you can help in increasing your motivational level. Removing all the negative thoughts and thinking the positive way will definitely make you more strong and committed to your work.

6. Avert people with negative energy

Try to avoid the company of negative thinkers.  Be choosy for your partners, as your surroundings have a great impact on you. By living with positive energy you yourself start to take every aspect positively and that’s the sign of increased motivation, because by looking at the positive side you actually are looking at the chances of your success ignoring the negative points that would have led to a failure. Keep a positive attitude: There’s is nothing more powerful for self-motivation than the right attitude. You can’t choose or control your circumstance, but can choose your attitude towards your circumstances.

7. Try copy your Role models

Have a look at your role models. How they achieved their goals, what helped them in their success, how were they motivated? By studying the tales of their success, will improve your motivation as well as it will help you in designing a well planned strategy for the achievement of your own goal.

8. Be accountable for your results

You need to be responsible for what you achieve. Like achievement of your success you should be liable for your failures as well. Stop blaming your luck for every matter, because if you will always be dependent on your luck then you will always have an excuse. Be self-incriminated, this will earn you more than blaming your luck.

9. Fete your failures

Learn lessons from your failures. They are more significant than praising your-self on and on for your achievements. This might make you over-confident and will lead to another failure in future. By giving importance to your failures will help you learn more and stand stronger than before. You will be able to find out your mistakes and work on them to convert them into strengths leading to success.

10. Avoid weak goals

When you decide to achieve a goal be sure for it.  This is somehow linked to your positive thinking,. If you are a positive person then you will definitely give greater importance for the chances of your success in the desired goal, whereas if you’ll regard drawbacks of your failure more than your chances of success you will definitely not be sure about your success. Work with the “I will do it” attitude as this will help in keeping you more motivated and focused.

11. Think before you speak

It’s better to remain silent if it does not help in serving you your purpose. If you are involving your-self in such non worthy things, this will only waste your time. Which you can utilize more productively and positively, serving your purpose better.

12. Move the goalposts

Set bigger goals for yourself. This will motivate you more than smaller goals. As setting high targets will require more of your concentration and will help in increasing your motivation as you’ll be inspired to achieve a high outcome.

13. Do something minuscule and create a flow

Begin by doing something small. If you are feeling not to do anything bigger than you can begin your work by small things; just clean your desk, pay your bills, or clean the dishes. This will help you in getting alert and remove the extra burden from you. So start out with something small and work your way out up.

14. Do the easiest thing first

Try beginning your work with the easiest task. As it will have many positive impacts on you. Firstly its completion will help you in gaining self-confidence. Secondly you will get rid of a part of workload and so you will be able to concentrate more on the hard things, finishing them off quickly. This will have an excellent impact on your motivational level.

15. Get out of your comfort zone

Face your challenges. Do not fear them. By looking forward for the challenging circumstances you are actually preparing yourself for a fight, and this is what will empower you for your success.

16. Do some research on what you are about to do

Do some research on the goal you want to be achieved? This will help you gather a lot more information for your work; will help you learn how to tackle the difficulties, plan and organize your work more effectively.
You can even surf the internet to find experiences of people who strived to achieve the similar goal, learn from what they achieved and how. This will encourage you to do better thus improve your motivation as well.

17. Write down your goals and reasons for working towards them

By writing down your goals keeps you reminded of them throughout the day. And it becomes easier to stay on track and focused on your strategy leading to greater chances of success.

18. Cut down on Television

If you are one of those who watch too much of television then you need to stop doing so, because by watching more of T.V you waste your time and secondly you are actually creating a hurdle in your way of success by not working towards it. You are contributing in the success of other’s goal by watching them and becoming their fan, because that’s what they all wanted to achieve, that’s what their goal is but watching too much of them will stop others becoming fan of your own because this habit of yours makes you no different than others; to become their role models.

19. Break it down

To get started with your work effectively, you need to break the task down into small groups of things to be done. Then start doing them one by one, this will help you complete your work on time and with greater motivation due to increased self-confidence, which you will earn by achieving your daily targets.

20. Do things that cheer you up

Try do maximize your happiness by doing things that make you relaxed and happy. This will help you keep motivated and more prone to do work in better quality and on time.

21. Make each day count

Utilize all your time effectively so that you don’t blame your-self for it. Make yourself work each day to serve you for the desired purpose because Time is something once lost can’t be restored. We don’t have all the time in the world. So be focused and do what you want to.

22. Set rewards

To make yourself work more you need to get yourself motivated for the completion of your work. And for most of us it’s the reward we’ll get by doing the task. So set rewards for yourself, involve others; your close ones to set targets for you and reward you with something that will help increase your motivation for work. This will encourage you to work towards your agreed goal, put in extra effort and will keep you on the right track.

23. Create your next-up list

Next-up list is the list of your goals and actions that are next up on the list of things to do and accomplish. By marking your goals that you have achieved will enhance your motivation. You’ll feel succeeded in one of the aspects of your life, through achievement of your goal. Plus it will advance you on the track of setting bigger goals for tomorrow, boosting your motivation level further.

24. Specialization

Your set goals require full commitment from your side for their achievement. Try specializing in skills required for the achievement of your goal. Search for stuff that helps in enhancement of your knowledge for the work. All this will help in grooming your skills and will train you lead a more better you.

25. Working conditions

Improve the environment you work in. getting a comfortable environment with good lightening and heating facilities will let you work more efficiently then you could before. Because person working in a multinational company with a favourable work conditions will be producing double the outcome than the one working for a national government owned organizations, with the least facilities available.

26. Enhance your believes

How much you are motivated depends on the culture you are living in. culture is basically the way we do things around here, as described by Handy. Believes held by a person has an impact on the culture as well as on all others living with him. To feel motivated a person needs to enhance his believes; think positively, so that an overall motivating culture is created, that will have a positive impact on everyone.

27. Maintain your health

Health is wealth. It’s one of the famous sayings. To work well a person needs to be healthy. You should try your best to maintain a healthy and a balanced diet make sure you supply your body with all the necessary nutrients. Because only a healthy person is able to concentrate well on his work, devote sufficient time to serve his purpose. Due to maintained health you will highly motivated because you will have sufficient energy to start your work with.

28. Control

Set your targets to be achieved than measure the outcomes and compare them with your targets. This will help you control your actions and manage your time efficiently. Take remedial action to deal with divergences of actual from target performance. Controlling how you perform will lead to better planning in future plus will increase your motivation, as you will be able to learn managing your time efficiently.

29. Use flexibility wisely

Be flexible to allocate time to each job you want to perform. By using your flexibility wisely you will be able to manage yourself better and would feel motivated.

30. Build

Build your strengths and help yourselves eliminate your weaknesses. Make it unacceptable to continue in a position where a weakness is a liability for you. Identify and appreciate your strengths especially if you know you have some weaknesses. This will help in increasing your grasp on your task and will lead to a more motivated you.

31. Increase your emotional intelligence

Increasing your emotional intelligence means, managing yourself, your knowledge and your relationships. Then you will be more in tune with enhancing the culture you live in- and become natural in motivating yourself.

32. List down your motivational factors

Briefly write down the motivational factors that sustain you and what you can do to sustain them. This little bit of motivational planning can give you strong perspective on how to think about supporting your motivations. All this will eventually lead to greater improvements in you, upgrading you in serving your purpose affectively.

33. Keep learning

Read and try to learn, adopt and practice everything you can. Because the more you learn the more you trust yourself, more confident you get and work efficiently on your work.

34. Help others

Try sharing your ideas with your friends and family to get them motivated. By seeing others doing well will make you more enthusiastic and will increase your motivational level to do well.

35. Be unpredictable

To be creative you need to be unexpected. Many of us think creativity is something referring to originality, but that’s actually not the case, being creative means being unexpected, you can come up with all kinds of unexpected solutions to challenges that life brings for you.

36. Be a finisher

Try when you start a project, you try your best to complete the work because all the fatigue/ jade that you feel comes not from the hard work you do rather it comes from the uncompleted task. William James once wrote:”Nothing is so fatiguing than the hanging on of an uncompleted task”. So don’t leave anything unfinished.

37. Time to groom your skills

Get someone to train you. Ask someone to pinpoint your mistakes and judge you objectively. This will help you realize your drawbacks and work on them effectively to convert them in your strengths.

38. Face challenges

People work more effectively when they face challenges. Try to challenge yourself for completion of your work, this will help empower you in overcoming your laziness and work with greater enthusiasm. Plus in the long term it will help boost your motivation level.

39. Constructive criticism

People usually don’t realize what they are doing wrong. Try accepting you being criticized by others; this will help in making you know your weaknesses. This will help you in being a more refined as you’ll be able to work on your mistakes, and a more mature person; leading to a more motivated you.

40. Demand improvement

Don’t let yourself stagnate. Each time someone advances raise the bar a little higher for yourself. Remind yourself of your strengths and get on the track for achieving it.

41. Find opportunities

Look around to find sources that will help you advance in the way to achieve success. Try finding opportunities that might be available to you but you are overlooking them. By availing those opportunities to serve you your purpose will help you earn greater chances of your success hence reducing probability of failure, motivating you even more.

42. Trust and respect

Believe in yourself. Trust yourself, that you do have the ability to do the particular task better than others. Plus respect your goal. Try not to switch between substitute goals on the way to achieving your former goal. This will firstly help you increase your motivation and secondly will make you more focused.

43. Kindness

Be kind with people. By being kindhearted you’ll be able to win hearts of others due to which in the long term they’ll prefer to support you achieve your goal, become your strength and will help increase your self confidence.

44. Detailed instructions

If you want to achieve something with the help of others then make an effort that you give them detailed instructions for fulfillment of the required task on time. This will assist them in better understanding of the work due to which they’ll prove to be more productive leading to timely completion of the task. This will be highly self-motivating for you, as it will earn you greater self-confidence and more trust by others.

45. Deadlines

Many people are more productive right before a big deadline. They usually have a hard time focusing until the deadline is intimidating over their head. Therefore it can prove to be motivating if you set mini-deadlines for yourself; this will help you get started with your work and get it finished on time.

46. Team spirit

Create an environment of friendship. People are more motivated if they work in teams because they feel somehow connected to the result they achieve is for the benefit of others too. Therefore if you want to improve your motivation level try work in teams.

47. Personal stake

Think about others stake. What do they want? What their goal is? Etc. by understanding this you’ll be able to be a good source of keeping others happy and as a result of making people happy they’ll prove to be more productive contributing greater for the achievement of the joint goal. This will also help in boosting your level of motivation due to the result earned.

48. Exercise

Sometimes to feel motivated you just need to get the blood pumping around the body properly. It is very important that you give a 10-15minutes break to yourself, just try to exercise for some time, as much you feel appropriate for yourself. This will immensely boost your motivational level, as you will be getting the desired energy your body requires.

49. Focus on the present

Sometimes our motivational level is lagging behind because our mind is somewhere stuck in thinking of the future, or we are busy in remembering something that happened in past. Try to remove all other thoughts from your mind that are actually acting as hindrance in the achievement of your purpose. This will help in enhancement of your motivation.

50. Figure out a different way to do it

This is the greatest way to carry out the task altogether. Be creative, smart, and try to think outside the designed borderline. This will help you find out several ways of completing the same task, and you can adopt the one you feel comfortable with as this will help you get the work finished on time and will also increase your motivation.

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