HR Executive Interview Questions and Answers

1. How do you feel about your career progress to date?

Interviewer wants to know about your self-esteem and how motivated you are to achieve more in life. Your reply should be one which shows how satisfied you are with your past and present but on the side how passionate you are to achieve more further targets by learning new things.

“I’m satisfied with my present and past accomplishments. I rated it as Golden period of my professional life. Now I am passionate to take on new challenges and making even more significant contributions.”

2. How will you describe your previous company culture?

To answer this question candidate has to focus on company’s core values and ethics. Like you can say, my previous company’s culture is best described as a fairly high intensity group of problem solvers, obsessed with quality and with making each other better. The organization is very flat and run by practicing professionals, with a lean management group that supports and guides rather than controls.”

3. What are top 3 responsibilities of an HR executive?

“There are many responsibilities supposed to be performed by an HR executive however most importantly Coordination, negotiation with employment and advertising agents , advertisement recruitment and interview schedules, Coordinates with others for employees’ training needs and arranges training schedules for employees , Reviews compensation and benefits .”

4. How to measure job performance of an HR executive?

“Each appraisal process begins with the establishment of performance standards in accordance with the company’s strategic goals. Once performance standards are established it is necessary to communicate. Than measure the performance of HR executive , to determine what actual performance is by checking effective working of hired staff, human resource functions like working training and developmental programs.”

5. What do you know about the position of an HR executive?

“HR Executive provides HR administrative functions in the areas of recruitment, training and development of people and performance management, social welfare as well as updating and maintenance of HR records.”

6. How do you deal with unlawful professional practices?

Basic purpose behind asking this question is to judge the job seeker knowledge about what is correct and incorrect from the viewpoint of law and ethics. Here its important to emphasise the importance of lawful practices. You should be capable enough in properly tackling such questions. Suggest certain measures that are usually implied to deal with unlawful acts.

7. How would you describe your management style?

Interviewer is interested to know how effectively and efficiently you work .so it’s important to impress the interviewer with your competency and accuracy.

“I believe I’m organized and efficient, able to do work quickly. Always ask for feedback and change my mind accordingly to get the best outcome. I never lose interest in any project unless I get the desired result.”

8. Have you ever faced a problem which distracted your focus from your long-term objectives?

“Problems are part of our daily life but they had never been able to distract my attention.
I always take my problems as a challenge and deal with them in a positive manner so that I can learn from them rather than losing my opportunity of gaining greater experience.”

9. How good are you in analytical skills and how you take important decisions?

“It depends if I have to take the decision related to the already occurred event than I preferred to go for programmed decisions of course but if the circumstances are occur for the first time and I have given the responsibility for making a decision than I’ll figure out some facts analyse them in the light of particular circumstances and then definitely decide the best way out.”

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