HR Manager Interview Questions and Answers

1. What personal characteristics make you a good HR Manager?

“Well I believe to be a good HR manger one should knows how to get the work done. Always be open to ideas, give respect to your sub-ordinates and always appreciate the contribution of your co-workers. One should possess good communication skills and have the vast knowledge related to his/her field”

2. As an HR Manager how important is multitasking for your job?

“I believe ever employee should have the ability of multitasking because being able to carry out variety of tasks will give you an edge over others. Now a day’s organizations are in a quest to maximize productivity with limited resources therefore they usually hunt for flexible employees who are capable of performing wide range of tasks..”

3. what does KPI means?

“KPI stands for Key Performance Indicator. KPI is a matrix that helps set pre determined performance targets. This matrix helps to measure actual performance with the targeted one. So that at any point effective performance measures can be taken easily to get the desired result.”

4. What experience do you have in HR field?

Simple question normally asked by interviewer so reply accordingly. Share your work experience honestly with the interviewer.

5. What have you done to improve your HR knowledge in the last year?

“I am fond of using internet. I have been researching and reading HR related case studies and online articles to broaden up my knowledge horizon. Apart from that I have attended seminars and workshops related to my field because I firmly believe this will help me in learning new things and keep me up to date.”

6. What is job analysis?

“It is the process of describing and recording areas of jobs and specifying the skills requirements necessary to perform the job. It helps to prepare job description and specification which helps to hire a right person.”

7. How to measure effectiveness of workforce?

“As an HR manager, measuring effectiveness of employee performance is one the most important task because many other success related factors are either directly or indirectly linkedrelated with this function. The effectiveness of an employee’s performance can be measured by checking desired outcome. His/her level of interest towards assigned tasks, how he/she take his/her responsibilities. Is he/she following his/her job description or not?”

8. What is core competency of HR?

“The Core Competencies of Human Resources includes understanding the nature of a business, driving change and managing transformation according to organizational needs, the ability to create and manage culture and, management of HR Practices.”

9. What is a HR scorecard?

The HR scorecard is a method to measures the HR function’s effectiveness and efficiency in producing employee behaviours that are needed to achieve the company’s strategic goals. In order to achieve that one should know about the company’s strategies – Understand the links between HR activities, employee behaviours, organizational outcomes, and the organization’s performance.

10. How to set up HR strategy?

“The HR Strategy has to be clearly formulated and the team has to go through several milestones to have the certainty, its development is on the right track. The HR Strategy Development Team has to use several sources and many employees in Human Resources and many managers and employees from the organization have to be asked for the regular feedback.”

11. What is the difference between personnel management and human resource management?

“Human resource management is a broad term HRM goes beyond the administrative tasks of personnel management and encompasses a broad vision of how management deals with the allocation and use of scarce resources for an effective contribution in the organizations success. whereas the term personnel management is used to refer to the set of activities concerning the workforce which include staffing, payroll, contractual obligations and other administrative tasks. In this respect, personnel management encompasses the range of activities that are to do with managing the workforce rather than resources.”

12. How do you manage your sub-ordinates?

This question is the most common question asked from candidate. So you have to show how well you can communicate with examples. You can say like this…

“I firmly believe communication skills are necessary to manage people. If I want to give a task ,firstly I prefer to have a meeting with them so that I can convey what I want from them and if they have any queries they are always allowed to ask as any times as they want. Second step was to prepare an organized report for their convenience. If I encounter any issue between them first I always try to figure out the root cause and then solve it as soon as possible because such things badly affect the productivity of any employee”

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