Interview Selection

Interview Selection

The following article will provide you a greater insight into what selection testing is, what sort of selection tests are usually conducted and the limitations of testing:

Selection tests are certain measures that are used to identify the potential an individual has. They can be conducted either before or after the interview. They basically measure the candidate’s general ability and personal tests identify character traits and behavioral preferences. There are several types of selection tests. In order to be effective the selection tests must be:

  • Sensitive enough to distinguish the fine line between different candidates
  • Standardized on a representative sample of the population
  • Reliable: the test should be capable of deriving similar measure from differing individuals no matter when ever and whoever conducts them.
  • Valid: they need to be checked for the accuracy of measuring what is basically required out of them.

Types of tests:

1 Proficiency, attainment or competence tests

These tests are designed to measure an individual’s current ability to perform particular tasks or operations relevant to the job. Attainment tests are similar measurement of the standard an individual has reached at a particular skill.

2 Intelligence tests

Tests of general intellectual ability typically test memory, ability of thinking quickly and logically and the skills of problem solving. However there is no agreed form of such tests, but tests have now been getting developed to measure the other forms of intelligence such as emotional intelligence factors.

3 Aptitude tests

Aptitude tests are designed to measure and predict an individual’s potential for performing a job or learning new skills. Aptitudes include:

  • Reasoning: verbal, numerical and abstract
  • Spatio-visual ability: practical intelligence, non verbal ability and creative ability.
  • Perceptual speed and accuracy: clerical ability
  • Physical abilities: mechanical, manual, musical and athletic. 

4 Personality tests

They may measure a variety of characteristics, such as an applicant’s skill in dealing with other people, ambition and motivation, or emotional stability.

Limitations of testing

Selection testing is a process like all others that has merits as well as some limitations that are discussed below:-

  • There is not always a direct relationship between the ability in the test and ability in the job: the job situation is very different from artificial test conditions.
  • The interpretation of the test results is a difficult task and requires an expert to interpret the outcomes.
  • Additional difficulties are often experienced with the particular kinds of tests:
  • An aptitude test measuring arithmetical ability would need to be constantly revised.
  • Personality tests can often give misleading results.
  • It is difficult to design intelligence tests which give a fair chance to people from different race or cultures.
  • Most tests are subject to coaching.

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