Knowing Yourself as a Leader

Knowing Yourself as a Leader

Defining Leadership: A brainstorming discourse

From all the past articles I wrote, I tried that you can grab every concept the term Leadership possibly contains. I did so that you can get a clearer image in your mind of the person you would want to follow whenever you hear, read or write the word ‘leader’. However, there was one such important thing that I had been skipping from Day 1 and many of you probably have not noticed it; one such thing which may have been the first few words of any other writer if given a chance to write upon leadership. That one thing was the definition of leadership. The question arises as to why would I skip such an important statement and directly start talking on how to become a leader? The answer can be illustrated by an example.

Let’s suppose that you were an Accounts student and Throughput Accounting was scheduled for today’s class. As strange as the term sounds, what would your reaction be if I entered the class, and without uttering a word, I wrote the following definition on the board? :

‘Throughput: The amount of material or items passing through a system or process.’   –Google.

The answer is simple, you would be completely blank as to what am I trying to teach you? Moreover, you would never again open the chapter titled Throughput Accounting in your books. Therefore, if I started to teach you what is leadership right away, you would never click Learn2success again, stop reading my work  and this would stop earning me bucks! What is more important than me earning bucks is the fact that you would stop trying to be a leader. It was very important for each and every one of us to have a good grip on the Alma matter at first and then go into deep details questioning the concepts and challenging the leadership styles commonly used all around the world. You cannot question a judge as to why did he favored the decision on the prosecutor’s side rather than the defendant’s until and unless, you have some knowledge regarding law; same is the case with leadership.

The definition of leadership can be elaborated at this point forward for two reasons. One, as each and every one of us has developed a satisfactory background on the topic; every one of you should be able to respond within a blink of an eye if asked ‘Define leadership‘. Two, the topic we are about to discuss purely stands upon the definition of the term. The following lines are the reason why I wrote the three paragraphs above:

Leadership: The potential of having a remarkable impact on others and the trait of carrying a captivating persona to encourage following.

leadership differenceYou cannot tell the difference by yourself but I am pretty sure that if I started Leadership with the above lines, you would not have had all the concepts firmly settled in your mind and I would not be getting such a response up till now. As for now, you would already have read, interpret and analyzed it just like a modern day business theorist. Remember, the classical approach ‘Divide & Rule’ applies for definitions if you want to get them on your fingertips! The definition above can be broken down into three main parts:

1) Potential of having a remarkable impact: Let’s admit it; we all meet a guy or a girl at least once every week on average who we feel like copying. Even though he/she may just cross us by without even noticing, the person would definitely have thrown a remarkable impact on us. I would personally prefer a guy in a casual outfit with some Supras, dress pants and shirt on as a friend rather than a purely formal, suited and booted guy who greets me with the same line every day, ‘Hello sir, how do you do?’. This was my choice; likes and dislikes vary for every one of us. This may very much be possible that most of you totally disagree with me on my choice. Well, it is a free country; do whatever you want, like whatever you want.

2) Trait of carrying a captivating persona: Let’s not make things complicated; what comes to mind when you hear the word ‘heroic’? Of course, it would never be an awkwardly funny guy like Mr. Bean. When I use the word ‘heroic’, I mean someone brave and strong. Someone precise and to the point. Definitely, the meaning of the word would be carrying some minor changes in everyone’s mind when they read it. Some people may have imagined Liam Neeson, while some may like to see Johnny Depp as their idol. Many of you may have not imagined anyone at all. But the basic meaning preset in mind is the same for all. That is what captivating persona basically means for everyone; to be heroic and to accept challenges.

3) To encourage following: A very simple phrase which many of you have not recognized yet, and I can bet on that. What is leadership basically all about? To encourage following, to have a noticeable amount of support, isn’t it? Why did you read my content day and night out? To encourage people follow you. Why did you tried to change your way of doing things? To get some following! So basically, all my work’s objective can be summarized into these three words: to encourage following. As simple as the phrase sounds, it requires as much detail as an encyclopedia or perhaps a biography weighing 500 pages strong!

All my work, summed up in these three short words, isn’t it strange? But, this is the truth; the sole purpose recognized for leadership is to encourage some following so that the leader gets to be a ruler.

An important concept has been discovered in the sentence above, every leader may be a ruler but not every ruler can be a leader. The definition of leadership may make this concept easy to get along with. What’s important in a person to be a leader? The three elements listed above. Now one question based upon common sense; do you think every ruler who ever existed on the face of planet Earth was bestowed with all these elements? The answer is an obvious no verifying the authentication of our Leader-Ruler concept.

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