Motivational Stories

Motivational Stories

Motivational, Moral & Inspirational Stories

Following are some extracts of motivational and inspiring stories…that demonstrate clearly that how motivation can help you achieve what might seem difficult and at times maybe impossible….

How Would You Like to be Remembered

It’s a true incidence that occurred about a hundred years back. There was a man who once got surprised by seeing his name in the obituary column of the morning newspaper. The newspaper had reported his death by mistake. That man was really shocked to see what was written, at an instance he thought ‘am I really dead’ after a while when he gained consciousness he searched the column to find out what the people might have said about him. The column begins as follows “Dynamite King Dies”, followed by the phrase “He was the merchant of death”. This man was actually an inventor of dynamite technology, when he read the column he went in great worry and stress that is this how he’ll be remembered by others.

He was really hurt by what the newspapers said about him, the harsh words made him get emotional and touch with his feelings. He stood up realizing that this is definitely not the way he wants himself to be remembered, he promised himself that he’ll work in a way that makes him remembered by others with great respect and positivity. From that day on he started working towards peace. His name was Alfred Nobel and he is remembered today by the famous Nobel Prize.

Little Things that Make a Big Difference

The story prevails early in the 19th century. There lived a poor man who was fond of talking a morning walk at the beach. He observed that the morning tide used to bring several starfishes along it and when the tide diminished they were left behind and use to die. One day on his morning walk he saw a fresh tide that bring along several starfishes along with it that were alive. He immediately took a few steps to gather the starfishes in his hand and started throwing each one of them back in water. He kept doing this repeatedly. Meanwhile there was another person on the beach, who was observing him, that person couldn’t understand what this man was doing.

Anyhow he couldn’t stop himself anymore, and stood up to ask that man what actually he was up to? He exclaimed why are you wasting your time throwing each one of them back in water? There are hundreds of them, how many would you be able to help? What difference does it make??

The man did not reply. He took few more steps picked another one and threw it into the water, and said, “It makes a difference to this one.”

The King Midas

The story portraits a greedy King named Midas. He was a rich man with a lot of valuables stored in his possession. He used to like gold to an extent that the more he had the more he used to wish for. He stored all the gold in his mausoleum and used to spend time every day counting it.

Once a man came up to him from nowhere and delighted the king by saying he has come to grant him a wish. The miser king, after hearing that he’ll be granted whatever he’ll wish for said “I would like everything I touch turn to gold.” The stranger confirmed whether he was satisfied from what he wished. The king replied positively to his query, in return the stranger confirmed him by saying that from tomorrow morning he’ll be granted the golden touch.

It was something more like a dream for the king. But the next day when he woke up, he was actually getting everything converted to gold by his single touch. His clothes, his bed…everything was turned to gold. He was really happy to experience this new power he was attributed by that stranger. He looked out of his bedroom window and saw his daughter playing in the backyard; he planned to surprise her by his powers. But before making it to his daughter he felt having breakfast but the moment he touched the fruits and the glass of water they all turned to gold. King was shocked by all this, he exclaimed himself that he would not be able to eat and drink anymore. Just about the same time his daughter came running into the hall, he hugged her and she turned into a gold statue.

The king bowed his head and started crying, he realized that his greediness has make him left with no happiness at all. Suddenly that stranger appeared to inquire whether the King liked his gold touch or not. The King said he was the most miserable man. The stranger inquired whether he would like to have his daughter back or was he happy with the lumps of gold. But this time as the King had realized his mistake he demanded forgiveness and wished to return him his daughter back.

The stranger said to the King, “You have become wiser than before” and he reversed the spell. He got his daughter back in his arms and the king learned a lesson that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

Defying the Odds

In the face of adversity, a father saved his son’s life. Now, that son is giving back.
A few months after finding out he was HIV positive, Kevin Koussai’s weight dropped to 114 pounds. His story might have finished there but for his loving father, Kevin’s father, Kofi, is a tribal chief in rural Cote d’Ivoire and deep social stigmas suggested that Chief Kofi might reject Kevin because of his status. But Chief Kofi fearlessly defied social norms. When Kevin approached him he said “you’re my son, and I’m not going to reject you because of a disease!’ It gave Kevin the strength he needed to fight the virus.  “My father accompanied me to all my appointments, he made sure that I took my medications, he paid for my prescriptions.” Kevin recalls.

Fifteen months later, Kevin was free of HIV-related infections and his weight had rebounded to 140 pounds. And now, six years since his diagnosis, Kevin is still healthy. He works full-time as a community HIV counsellor at the local health center, helping other HIV-positive clients who are facing the same issues he faced a few years ago. Kevin’s father remains one of his strongest supporters.

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