Needs of the Workforce

Needs of the Workforce

Lead and Motivate Your Staff

There are several things that an employee desires to have. Each worker has same needs and desires as the others do, He strives to work harder and harder each day to achieve all what he aspires. There are certain things that need to be granted to an employee in order to get him/her work for the betterment of the organization as a whole.

To reduce the risks of high labour turnover, it’s the responsibility of an organization to look after their employees; HR department should carry out appropriate workforce planning in order to hire the correct amount of workers with apposite skills.

There are ten most important wants of employees, and are listed below:-


You need to plan and direct your workforce to work towards the achievement of a particular purpose. It’s not only the hefty pay checks and bonuses that employees look for, like you, they would like to work and direct themselves towards a certain objective. They will feel more involved and contributing if they will be acquainted with the target you’ll set for them, as what they’ll will acquire for the fulfilment of the goal will motivate them perform even better. Alexander Hiam the Massachusetts-based author of Business Innovation for Dummies says “When you have a chance to have your ideas heard and one of them actually gets implemented, it’s such a boost.


Once you have defined the purpose for your employees, try to set goals for them on a regular basis. This is what will enhance the contribution from an employee. When you define goals for someone, be cautious that you set goals that are attainable and measurable. Employees would prefer more to work towards a goal that is achievable, as this will give them the chance to be different. It will help in boosting their level of motivation which will be beneficial for the organization as the workers will work with greater eagerness and will be more committed.


Usually it’s the problematical part for the managers when it comes to delegation. Employees crave for your trust, and with that should come responsibility.  Managers mostly avoid delegation of tasks because they fear the failure. Employees look for the ways to gain responsibility that only comes when they have trust of their managers. Therefore a manager should show some faith in his subordinates and try delegate part of workload on them in order to make them responsible for their progress through improved performance.


Autonomy is one of the most important things that your workers might desire.  They require some amount of freedom to carry out the delegated task according to their rules and acquired experiences. Managers need to understand this, and should permit at least some freedom to their subordinates, so that they can work well.


Experts say employees appreciate having the say over when do they work. Flexibility in time schedule is very supportive for the employees. Mostly the new generation is in search of synergy between their professional and personal lives this lead to the increased demand for flexible time schedules for the staff members. Managers can set-up a system that can help employees work from home, keeping in touch through telecommunication or setting vacation plans….etc. this will involve a great deal of trust from the manager as Pink says” If you don’t trust your employees, you’ve got much bigger problems.”

Do not scare

Try to be calm at meetings. Employees want their leaders to be inspiring, motivating so that they are encouraged to achieve the goals that are laid for them. Managers need to have the skills of handling the situations when their subordinates fail to achieve any task, or when they are unable to perform up to the desired level. As by being harsh with your employees will make them feel de-motivated and they will tend to lose self-confidence, which may not be beneficial for the organization.

Employees want attention

Delegation of task does not mean that you stop getting feedback from you subordinates or you stop providing them the guidance and support they require. A manager should be responsible enough to keep a check on his employee’s performance through regular or routine appraisal. This will help in enhancement of the workers behaviour at work plus it will reduce the chances of failure.

Employees want opportunities for innovation

Some time ago, Google announced its 20 percent creative time policy, which encourages employees to work on any innovative ideas they have that are company-related during 20 percent of their hours at work. This was beneficial for the company as well as for the employees too, as new ideas generated by employees were being implemented in the organization which helped in progress of the company’s performance. Getting ideas from employees does not lead to innovation rather giving them some time to brainstorm and come up with their imaginations will lead to true discoveries and enhancements.

Employees want development

Every human being is in the race of progress. He tries new things, learn from mistakes and gain experiences. Like all others employees also require development of their skills. They prefer to advance their scope of knowledge so that they are able to tackle variety of tasks smoothly and perfectly. An organization should aim at developing their employee’s skills through training programs. Managers need to address the lack of skills in their subordinates and provide them essential training to enhance them converting in their strengths. This will be advantageous for the organization; as the workers will learn variety of techniques therefore they can act as a flexible workforce, performing numerous tasks. But it can have some disadvantages as well; as the employees will be trained in new skills therefore they might look for better jobs for themselves. But to achieve long-term benefits risks have to taken.

Employees want excitement

To make yourself work you need a spark of motivation. In the same way your employees want you to make them motivated to get the work done. Managers need to make their subordinates excited for the work they would be delegating to them. This can be done either by giving your employees fringe benefits that are other than pay or salary i.e. company cars, loans, medical, educational support for their children…etc. or you can make them realize the worth of success through completion of the task. Employees require right amount of motivation to give their best in achievement of a particular objective of the organization they work for.

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