Office Assistant Interview Questions and Answers

1. Please describe your previous duties as an administrative assistant in a business office?

” There are many duties performed by me as an administrative assisstant like to supervise the performance of receptionists, to record and maintain the minutes of the meetings of the Boards, to type and prepare documents as required, to greet customers and senior members of the company, to provide assistance to staff members, like answering, receiving phone calls and taking messages, to be responsible for distributing letters and notices to customers and shareholders, to be responsible for maintenance and development of data collection system of the company to satisfy the required standards.”

2. Do you know how to correlate executive meeting events into documentation?

Interviewer may ask such questions to know how you organize your work and handle office important events. So you can answer by telling them success stories of situations such as how you deal with tough/high volume of workload. You can also demonstrate the methods you utilized for meeting deadlines, handling employers’ requests and monitoring customer service work.

3. Concerning office policies and procedures have you ever been responsible for mentoring others?

If you ever mentor others than tell the interviewer may be it will be a plus point for you. But if you never did mentoring before than tell the truth.

4. How do you organize your daily schedule?

Interviewer is interested to know about your work related activities. You are setting in front of interview panel not in your family so your non-work related discussion will leave a negative impact. Keep your answers focused on work. Second most important point to consider is that you have to show the interviewer that how organized and responsible you are while you’re working time. You can answer like this….

“My first priority is to finish all my pending tasks if any than have a meeting with my supervisor and give a report related to my assigned tasks and ask for feedback.”

5. What is your competency level related to computer applications such as MS Word, Excel or PowerPoint?

Such questions are asked to judge your competency levels. So be honest while answering because sooner or later interviewer will exactly know about your actual skills.

6. Are you familiar to spread sheets, or other widely used IT applications?

If you prepared and familiar with spread sheets, data graphs than tell the interviewer exactly what you know so that interviewer can better understand your skills and knowledge.

7. What types of faxing applications, copier, printer and scanner have you most recently used?

Again very simple question and obvious answer will be expected from candidate. If you used office equipment’s than tell the interviewer and be care don’t lie with them may be this will be one of the area to be performed by you to do your job successfully.

8. Do you know how to take minutes of meetings?

“Yes I know how to take minutes of meetings. I read the agenda of every meeting very carefully, prepare content of minutes, never write everything only write down important points with full concentration and give attention when listen to others.”

9. How do you organize monthly management reports and keep the information tables turning efficiently?

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