What Motivates Me ?

What Motivates Me

Iam writing this article to bring in your consideration the importance of motivators.  It is really significant to identify the motives you have. You need to be particular about the kind of motivators you hold as these motivators make you perform certain actions.

For me it was of great magnitude to point out what motivates me. If I am ignorant of my motivators than I’ll be clueless of what I am suppose to do. In order to be effective in my actions I need to plan my strategy in a way that it provides me enough assurance of my success.

So coming back to the question what motivates me has the following answer: –

  • Helping others: this is one of the factors that motivate me. I have been able to accumulate a certain amount of experience through some practical work that I love to use for helping my fellows in getting them through almost all of the obstacles that their life might create for them. Somehow I am able to find a remedy to most of their problems and that’s what motivates me.
  • Applause: I love being appreciated. Since my childhood I have always been trying to work according to what others expect of me in order to get that praise that appreciation which motivates. Earlier in my life I dint took the time to notice that this is one of the factor that also contributes in improving the level of my motivation. To get that spark of motivation I try to produce work that is capable of earning a valuable feedback from people.
  • Capturing: it’s one of my habits. Since I was a child I always get more attracted to images and stuff when going through my course books and this made me more prone to capturing moments that I feel like memorable either in form of images just through a click or get them embedded in my stock of paintings with the help of my old pal; my paint brush to trap all the nicest moments of my life. Going through all the happier moments make me feel really enlightened and eager to work with greater passion and determination so that I am able to secure greater memorable moments ahead for me to cherish.
  • Helping myself: I saved the best one for the last. Helping out myself is really motivating for me. I always try to sort out the complex problems I face by tackling them through all possible sorts. My dad has been my role model in this aspect. I have grown up by looking how he fought with all his problems and gained success. Actually my real motivator is my dad and my mom who have been encouraging me throughout my life to perform better and better each day. Finding myself paths that rightly guide me reach my goals.

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